Chronicle Movie Review

A few weekends back I went and saw the movie Chronicles. I was very exited to see this movie and had been looking forward to its release sense late last year. From the trailer the movie seemed very appealing. It looked like it had a strong plot that was not to predictable, and I really enjoyed how the movie put special powers into the hands of normal teenagers who had no intention of being super heroes.

Although I went to the movies with high expectations, I was greatly disappointed. The main problem I found with the movie was its use of the “handheld camera” effect. This was done to add the feel of the movie being a real documentation of the events that occurred from the perspective of the main character, and eventual villain “Andrew Detmer”. Although this idea adds an interesting twist to the movie and helps bring a strong sense of realism to the film, in many instances it took away from the actual experience of the film. the final fight scene had to be shot from an array of different camera angles, ranging from police car cameras to news station helicopter cameras and even store security cameras. It was hard to follow the fight and to make out which character was which and this prevented me from enjoying the baddassery of the fight scene.

The ending was a bit of a cop out as well. Although I will not spoil it here, I felt like they built up the movie with a strong plot and then tore it down with a very sloppy ending. I would not necasarilly recomend this movie, but I still did enjoy it. The acting was descent and, until the ending, the plot was strong. the movie had its funny moments and it did a good job of exploring the consequences of putting unlimited power in the hands of a teenager.