First Insight into the Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Game Metro: Last Light

Today I was on YouTube and I just happened to stumble across the short film Metro: Last Light. It was actually an add on a video, and for the first time in history I did not choose to skip it after 5 seconds. In fact, I sat through the whole 4 minutes in a complete awe. Now, I am sure many of you know a lot about the game Metro 2033 which is based off of the Russian Novel with the same name. Metro 2033 is a post-apocalyptic style survival/first person shooter game, reminiscent of games such as Fall Out. The game takes place mostly underground in the Metro below Moscow, hence the name. Well, a first look into the sequel to this game has just been released in the form of this live action film. Here it is!

If you were not completely blown away by this film then I don’t know what is wrong with you! This is truly one of the best short films I have ever seen and it just makes me all that more excited for the release of Metro: Last Light. I’ll admit that I actually have never had the opportunity to play Metro 2033, but I am sure I will be picking up a copy of this game when it comes out early next year!

Let me know in a comment what you guys think of this short film and if you plan on buying Metro: Last Light in 2013!


Sony Announces its First Arena Fighting Game: All-Stars Battle Royale!!

How many of you consider Super Smash Bros. to be one of the best arena fighting games every created? Well if you are a fan of this style of game play as well as a fan of PlayStation characters, then you will be thrilled to find out that Sony is coming out with its own arena fighting game and incorporating many of its star characters. The game will be titled PlayStation 3 All-Stars Battle Royal. The game is, in fact, so reminiscent of Super Smash Bros. that many fans are calling Sony out on ripping off of the game. Personally, I can see this side of the situation, but I believe that the game has the potential to epic and I think that Sony will add its own spin to the game.

The characters that have already been announced include Sly Cooper, Twisted Metal‘s Sweet Tooth, Killzone‘s Colonel Radec, Parappa the Rapper, Kratos and Fat Princes. The objective of the game is to allow the characters to retain signature fighting styles from their original games in order to create verity and versatility through character choice, as well as incorporating different elements of each character’s environment to make a fun, good looking map pack. If this sounds exactly like Super Smash Bros. don’t be alarmed, Battle Royal is taking it a step further. Sony is not only basing maps off of the characters, but in fact combining different map elements from different characters to create environments that fit every situation.

The list of confirmed characters is expected to grown considerably in the near future as Sony attempts to cater towards its audience and make a game that all different fans from all different backgrounds will enjoy playing. Sony stated that it is specifically listening to fans about what characters to include in the games and how to make sure they don’t disrespect the loving memory of some of their fans’ favorite characters.

The game is set to be released during the holiday season this year, and I know that I am very excited for this game. I might even have to go buy a PlayStation 3 just so I can play it.

What do you guys think about this release? Do you feel like Sony is ripping too much off of Nintendo or are you just excited for a possible epic game? Let me know in a comment!

The PS Vita Proves to be Unsuccessful!

Previously I made a post on the PS Vita and what my thoughts on this new hand-held device were which you can read here. My review was generally positive, but recently news has come out that the PS Vita was not the success that everyone had hoped it would be. In fact, in March alone video game sales along with the sales of their accessories fell nearly 25%. This is a devastating blow to the industry as they are already struggling with piracy issues and other factors that have been affecting video game sales profits. Currently, Microsoft‘s Xbox 360 is the most popular gaming console on the market and owns over 40% of the market. Sony had hoped that the PS Vita would be able to shake these statistics and push more popularity towards Sony’s products.

Although the PS Vita was not a success and did not turn the market around for Sony, statistics are still expected to rise in the coming year as more people splurge on expensive video game products during the holidays?

So what are your opinions on the PS Vita or the state of the video game market in general? Let me know in a comment!

Need for Speed the Movie?!

So if you were one of those gamers that were really into racing games as a kid, then you probably know all about the Need for Speed franchise. Well if you’re a fan of the games then you’re in luck because EA Games recently announced that they are planning on releasing a feature length film based off of the games. Both the writer John Gatins (Real Steel, Coach Carter) and the producer George Gatins (She’s Out of My League) have been hired on for the film. Apparently EA has already heard from studios such as Warner Bros. and Sony who are interested in producing the film.

There is currently not a lot of information available regarding the film but I will be keeping an eye out for any new announcements in the future. So what do you guys think about the idea? Would you be interested in watching a feature length Need for Speed movie? Let me know in a comment!

A Quick Review of the PSVita!

I know that the PSVita has been out for a while now, but I just recently got a chance to play it for the first time. I was at the mall when I decided to make a Game Stop trip, and the first thing I saw was when I walked through the doors was the PSVita. In fact, that is all I saw. Sony went all out on their advertising, and made it pretty much impossible to go into any gaming retail store and ignore their product.

The first thing I noticed was just how big the console is. It is not necessarily bulky, just big. I don’t think this is really a downside because it allows the device’s display to be much larger than the older handheld Playstation consoles. The next thing I saw was the second analog stick they added. I think that this is one of the biggest improvements because it allows the handheld device to be more like a real gaming controller.

The graphics were improved as well. I only played one game, Gravity Rush, but I thought that the game did a good job of showing the full potential of the PSVita. I don’t think I will actually be buying this console as I am content with holding on to my original PSP, but who knows, I might change my mind later on.

What are your opinions on the PSVita? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Let me know in a comment!