Elder Scrolls MMO?

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This was something that, for better or worse, was bound to happen. Due to the elder scrolls being a popular RPG with a fairly dedicated following some company was bound to jump on the opportunity to make an MMORPG based on the elder scrolls world. Yeah… I don’t really know what to think about this. The Elder Scrolls has been a franchise I’ve really enjoyed. Each of their games have been thoroughly enjoying and honestly I don’t like the idea of a Elder Scrolls MMO. All fantasy MMOs are the same the only difference is how popular it is. So I certainly will not be partaking in this game. Mostly because I play games to have fun not to get addicted to them, and I know from experience that that is what MMORPGs do. My experience comes from the times I call “my dark days of gaming”, which is in which I played World of Warcraft. Yeah I know it’s pretty bad, but this was quite a long time ago. About 4 years ago to be exact, when I was young, dumb, and impressionable. So I suppose I’m getting a little off track, so whats the bottom line? Well I think this game will do extremely well, but I think it would be cooler if they made an online fallout. Because fallout has a completely unique landscape, story, and so on. It would be much more original, and I love originality.

So what do you think of Elder Scrolls, MMORPGS, or online games in general? Let me know in a comment!


My New Skyrim Character

Switching over to PC definitely breathed new life into Skyrim for me, which has been exciting. Especially since I could really plan out my what my character would be like before I started this time. I decided to go with a Necromancer type build, but not necessarily a typical one.

She is practically a warrior who specializes in dual wielding swords, bow and arrow, and raising the dead. Her name is Desiree. I believe the main thing that has appealed to me about PC gaming has been the opportunity to modify the game. Most of the mods I have installed have been re-texture mods, and quest adding mods. I need to be careful though, because I don’t want to ruin the game for myself. That’s why I don’t install very many weapon or armor mods, because I don’t want to make the game too easy. I have a lot of plans for my future characters and I can’t wait to get started.

What do you think about Skyrim, or character builds? Let me know in a comment!

So Much to Do, So Little Time

I have really been at a loss of what write about as of late. Due to the fact that I simply have not had enough time to play games as much as I may like to. This mainly stems from my recent conscious decision to prioritize homework before video games, but ironically, this decision has hindered my ability to complete some of my homework. Because these blog posts I do are technically homework, but with this being a video game focused blog it has been hard to come up with topics with my reduced amount of game time.

Between homework, theater, family, driving practice, learning Italian and friends, the best I have been able to get in is maybe half an hour of Skyrim here or there, but certainly not enough to actually get anything done. I’m not so much complaining, as much as I’m just recognizing it. It is actually kind of refreshing, because at the height of my gaming life video games just about dominated my free time. It feels good to have many other things happening in my life, but it is also exhausting . I guess now I’m just trying to find the balance.

how do you manage your free time and work time? Let me know in a comment!

The Wonderful World of Modding

While entering the world of modding, I had a bit of a rough start, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve only tried modding Skyrim so far which should be easy with nexus mod manager. But it kept on coming up with an error message, and instead of trying to fix it I tried my luck at dealing with manually installing the mods. This proved to be foolish and incredibly frustrating.

I would like to say I quickly gave up on this endeavor, but sadly I did not. I spent a great deal of time trying to figure it out, until I resorted to uninstalling and then re-installing Skyrim and Nexus mod manager. Luckily, that worked. But even now I don’t fully understand how to work Nexus mod manager, and I may completely switch to steam workshop. Which is easy to use, one button and done.

Yeah not very exciting pic, but what do you expect? I’m just talking about mods…

That is not to say I haven’t had success, I have gotten the majority of my mods to work. But I do feel as though I need to be careful with modding. People always talk about people who are sensitive to mods that are “lore breaking”, I don’t care so much about breaking lore, as I do breaking the game. What I mean by that is, I don’t want to mod in the most powerful spells and armor of all time. I enjoy playing games like this because I can see the progress I make, and see my hard work pay off by getting sweet armor. If I just modded in overpowered stuff the game would be ruined for me. So most of the mods I will be adding will be graphic, design, and extra quest mods.

What do you think of mods, PC gaming, or games in general let me know in a comment!

Watch Out PC Gamers!

Because here comes Ryan! With the arrival of my new Alienware laptop I have officially moved into all mediums of gaming.

It has taken me a little while to adjust to a PC from a mac, but I think I’m learning quickly. The main games I’m looking forward to playing are RPGs and Battlefield games.

I also got an awesome mouse for my laptop. All in all I am extremely excited in the places I will go with PC gaming. It seems extremely fun.