First Insight into the Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Game Metro: Last Light

Today I was on YouTube and I just happened to stumble across the short film Metro: Last Light. It was actually an add on a video, and for the first time in history I did not choose to skip it after 5 seconds. In fact, I sat through the whole 4 minutes in a complete awe. Now, I am sure many of you know a lot about the game Metro 2033 which is based off of the Russian Novel with the same name. Metro 2033 is a post-apocalyptic style survival/first person shooter game, reminiscent of games such as Fall Out. The game takes place mostly underground in the Metro below Moscow, hence the name. Well, a first look into the sequel to this game has just been released in the form of this live action film. Here it is!

If you were not completely blown away by this film then I don’t know what is wrong with you! This is truly one of the best short films I have ever seen and it just makes me all that more excited for the release of Metro: Last Light. I’ll admit that I actually have never had the opportunity to play Metro 2033, but I am sure I will be picking up a copy of this game when it comes out early next year!

Let me know in a comment what you guys think of this short film and if you plan on buying Metro: Last Light in 2013!


My Russian Alter Ego

As my about me page will testify, I was born and raised in Santa Barbara California. So why does my Xbox live avatar look like a Russian war veteran? and why does my info say I live in moscow Russia? And most importantly why is my avatar saying Russian profanity?

My about me page will also tell you that I enjoy acting, and actors must have an array of accents in their arsenal. So to perfect my accents I practice them over Xbox live, just to make it a little more fun. One day while I was playing Nazi Zombies (and practicing my Russian accent), I found myself in a group with a kid who believed I actually was Russian. Normally when people believed I was of another country it would end there, but this kid invited me to a party with some of his friends. I expected to enter a lobby full of “squeakers” marveling over my Russianness, instead I entered a lobby full of chill mature gamers. They all quickly accepted me and had no doubts about my Russian claims.

There have been some close calls though, since they think I’m so awesome, they are always inviting me to parties. And if I’m already in a party, they will join the one I’m in, so I will quickly have to switch to a Russian accent and hope the other people in the party won’t say anything. Another problem is I have to pretend I know how to speak Russian every time they ask me how to say this or that in Russian. I got by by saying things that sounded Russian, but I needed a better solution. When I saw the book Dirty Russian I knew I found gold.

Now, every time they ask me to say something in russian I randomly flip through the book and say a couple phrases. Not only does the book tell me how to speak Russian, it also tells me what it’s like in Russia. So when they ask me about Russia I can actually tell them some truth.

I will undoubtably post more about my Russian alter ego (who unfortunately needs to be named Ryan due to my gamertag) in the future. If anything major happens concerning him and his friends I will post an update as soon as possible.

What do you think of my Russian alter ego? have you ever fooled anyone on Xbox Live in any way? Let me know!