Positive Effects of the Wii for Kids with Cerebral Palsy


It is a well-known fact that the current generation is spending a considerable amount time playing video games. Some would argue that we are so attached to our virtual machines that we are missing out on key aspects of daily life, such as being social. Well, a contrasting study was done on kids with cerebral palsy (CP) which showed that it may actually be the opposite for these kids.

The study focused specifically on active video games, especially the Nintendo Wii and its vast assortment of different physical games. The study monitored 17 different kids with different severities of CP as they played four different Wii games: Wii Bowling, Tennis, Boxing and Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). They monitored the kids’ physical responses to the gameplay, such as their muscle activity. In the end, the data showed that active video games did have a positive effect on kids with mild CP. The low-key physical exertion required to play active video games along with the rewarding aspect of beating games and leveling avatars encouraged the kids to do repetitious physical movement which may promote neuroplastic change.

On top of these benefits, the kids also highly enjoyed playing the games. This allowed for increased attention spans and longer exercise sessions. Although this method for promoting physical activity in kids with CP does not replace traditional outdoor activities, it is a good way to mix up the routine and provide a fun a new way to get daily exercise.

What do you guys think about this new evidence that shows the positive aspects of the Wii and other physical gaming consoles? Do you believe that this is a good way to help kids with cerebral palsy train their muscles and get more exercise? Let me know in a comment!


My First Time Witnessing the Real Occupy Wall St. Movement!

My friend's picture of the movement

The past week was officially my spring break and for the week my friend and ventured to Ney York City. We made the trip across the country on Friday, March 23, arriving late in the night and within the first day alone we managed to see so many different things. The highlight of my first day was probably witnessing the Occupy Wall Street movement for the first time. Despite the cold and slight drizzle, we watched from the side as thousands of New Yorkers joined together to stand up for a variety of different causes.

There were posters advocating different movements ranging from bringing down abusive Wall Street corporations to simply standing up for individual human rights. We also stayed long enough to listen in on a public meeting between many of the movement’s leaders.

The whole time we were there the area was flocking with police and crowd control officers. Many news stations were also present, waiting for something to go down so they could be the first to report on it. Overall, this brought about a feeling of hostility and nervousness between the protesters and the police and I saw many signs advocating protection from police brutality.

Although I don’t associate myself with the Occupy Movement and its many different causes, I do support their overarching goal of individual rights for the people and not for corporations.

This is just my opinion. What do you guys think about the Occupy Wall Street movement or any if the Occupy Movements? Let me know in a comment!