E3 Announcement of Halo 4

Ok I have to get this out! I am so excited for the upcoming release of Halo 4, and to my great joy I just found the E3 footage of the game that played at the convention. I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. Not only does it seem like 343 industries is doing a brilliant job of adding on to Halo’s legendary story, but they are doing so in their own way without destroying the game’s reputation. Although there is still a lot about the game that will be impossible to determine until its official release, I am comforted to know that, so far, this new release is going according to Bungie’s original plan.

I did have one concern about the actual gameplay footage that I saw. It seemed very reminiscent of Halo 3’s first mission titled Sierra 117. Although this critique is only based on watching the short 5 minutes of gameplay that are available on YouTube, it will be interesting to see how the game turns out. Despite this, I have no doubts that I will be purchasing a copy of this game.

What do you guys think about this new installment in the Halo 4 franchise and do you support 343 Industries in their endeavor to continue the Halo legacy!




Nintendo’s New Console the Wii U!


Nintendo’s new console the Wii U was announced at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) earlier this year and thus far it has had a very mixed reception. A while back I posted my review of the original Wii, which you can read here, and overall I gave it a relatively positive review. That being said, it is hard to say if this console will be anywhere near as successful as the first Wii.

In my opinion, the most important upgrade from the original Wii is graphical. The new Wii will be able to support full 1080p hi-def graphics, which may not seem like a big deal but if you recall how poor the graphics are on the original Wii it is easy to see the importance of this update. Along with a graphical update, the controller has also been modified. The Wii U will feature one “home” controller, which has complete control over all of the parameters in the game and will also have a screen attached to it for increased control and varied styles of gameplay. When a player is playing single player they can view information on the controller’s screen such as tutorial information or H.U.D. data, leaving the TV screen fully available for gameplay. In multiplayer games the player in control of the match setup will have the “home” controller which has more parameter options, while the rest of the players will have standard Wii controllers.

A wide variety of games of been announced for the Wii U, including a new Zelda game which I am personally very excited about. Other than new games and improved graphics, this new console does not seem extremely appealing to me. It is hard for me to say weather or not I will buy it when it comes out next year. I am not completely blown away by Nintendo’s upgrades and it seems that they are failing to keep up with the competitive nature of other gaming consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation. I know that the Wii is meant to be more of a family console and is less focused on the serious aspect of gaming and more focused on the community aspect, but I just can’t see myself really wanting to buy this console.

That is just my opinion on the Wii U. What do you guys think about Nintendo’s new console? Will you buy it when it eventually comes out or are the new features just not worth it? Let me know in a comment!