All Children Shows Should Be More Like Adventure Time

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Even though making another show as successful as adventure time would be like catching lighting in bottle, one can dream, can’t he? I consider adventure time to be a perfect children’s show both for the viewers and the producers. I am certainly not alone when it comes to enjoying adventure time in spite of my age. Many of my friends watch this amazing show as well. One such friend (who’s name is Finn) made a blog post about Finn from adventure time, so go check it out! This is good for teenagers and children alike, for obvious entertainment reasons. But this is also extremely important for the people begind adventure time. Again for obvious reasons, monitory gain. But having viewers that include a much older audience than most children’s shows increases the income of the show in many ways. First of all it creates a bigger market to sell merchandise, I for one own an adventure time shirt (which is awesome). Also trends travel much faster throughout the teenage age group, I was one of the people who watched Adventure Time before everyone knew about it, and I do know that time didn’t last long. It seemed like everyone knew about Adventure Time practically the second after it came out.

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I remember the day I first saw Adventure Time, a couple of friends and I were just hanging out in my room, I don’t remember why we had the channel on cartoon network, but we did. It was actually the first ever showing of Adventure Time, and once we started watching it, we couldn’t stop. Just because it was just such an incredibly outrageous show. Another thing that I find awesome about Adventure Time is I don’t really see an end in site. Due to its popularity it should be around for a very long time, and just due to the completely crazy and original premise of the show, ideas for episodes shouldn’t run short anytime soon. The only threat I see is the show losing track of its quality. This normally happens when the general mood of TV shows slowly change, but I don’t think Adventure Time is at very much risk because everything about Adventure Time is so distinct and original.

So as you can probably tell from this post I like Adventure Time a lot, and if you haven’t seen it I definitely recommend it! So what do you think of Adventure time or children shows in general? Let me know in a comment!


The Begining of My Obsesion

My Sundays have become incredibly dull once again with the recent season finale of my favorite Youtube series of all time, Two Best Friends Play. I remember the first time I saw one of their episodes, I was looking up videos of the game Fear 3 because I was curious as to what kind of game it is. In the related video section I saw a video titled “Two Best Friends Play: Fear 3“. I’m not sure what compelled me to click on that video (probably boredom), but I am incredibly glad I did so. What I was unknowingly about to watch was one of the least funny episodes of Two Best Friends play. I only know it was an bad episode now, when I watched it at the time I thought it was absolutely hilarious.

I spent the rest of that day watching the ten minute adventures of Matt and Pat, severely neglecting my homework for that day. Their knowledge of video games astounded me, and their dynamic as a duo was perfect. I could tell they actually put a lot of time into planning out and making their videos. Ever since then I have religiously watched anything Matt and Pat made, including their full play-throughs of survival horrors and Fighterpedia, even though my experience with fighting games is next to non-existent at best. So yeah, we all have those people on Youtube we can’t get enough of, and Two Best Friends are mine.

What do you think of Two Best Friends, or video game commentators in general? Let me know in a comment!