Lets Play: Nazi Zombies, Call of the Dead

Wednesdays are Lets Play days, this week I’m playing Nazi Zombies, Call of the Dead.

I don’t like Call of Duty games all that much, but Nazi Zombies is a whole different story. To me, Nazi Zombies is a perfect combination of simplicity, strategy, skill, luck, and fun. One thing I find interesting about Nazi Zombies is how Treyarch was able to quickly and seamlessly add an interesting story to it. If you look at the first original Nazi Zombie map, it is clear that it was just intended to be a fun little extra in the call of duty universe, but when Treyarch started to make more maps, they also added an intriguing story to the Nazi Zombie universe. And I am a person who enjoys a game with an interesting story. Also, an interesting story was desperately needed among the Call of Duty games. Anyway time to talk about my specific play through.

I played solo on Call of the Dead, my favorite Nazi Zombie map. The game started out simple enough, shoot stab, shoot stab, shoot stab. As soon as I had enough points I opened the two doors that separated me from the ak-74. I stayed by the lighthouse, but I struggled a bit on levels 3-7, because those are awkward levels where not all the zombies are running, making it harder to circle.

But by level 8 all the zombies were going at consistent speeds making it easier to rack up points.

I got extremely lucky, because two death machines dropped at the end of different rounds. I used these death machines on George, and because he has low health when you are playing solo, these two death machines brought him to the brink of death.

By the end of level 10 I had bought all of my 4 perks. As you can see I chose juggernog, quick revive (on solo you can revive yourself), double tap, and the one I am drinking is stamina up. Most people don’t like double tap because it burns through your ammo much to fast, and it does. But when I am using the ak74, and I am constantly at a place where I can get more ammo, it is a very useful perk. And as for stamina up, that perk makes it much easier to run circles around the zombies. as for the other useful perks, such as speed reload and mule kick I rely on killing george to acquire them.

As I said, George was very weak after taking all the damage from two death machines, so it only took a couple sticky grenades and some pistol rounds to kill him.

From George I got speed cola, and a Wunderwaffe. Just a cool little side note, Treyarch got the name for the Wunderwaffe from history. Near the end of WWII the Germans attempted to develop a super weapon that would change the war, which they were calling the Wunderwaffe. Now it probably wasn’t a rifle that shot chain lighting, but it’s still cool that Treyarch connected Nazi Zombies to history in that way. I didn’t always like the Wunderwaffe, actually I didn’t appreciate its greatness until black ops came out and it wasn’t in that game very much at all. Lobbies would be amazed and confused as I let the Wunderwaffe slip back into that cruel and mysterious mystery box. But now I love this weapon, It is now my favorite zombie killing weapon of all time.

I only made it to round 17, in hindsight I probably should have upgraded my ak74. It is definitely possible I will document another one of my zombie play throughs, hopefully that one will be more successful.

So, what do you think about Nazi Zombies, Call of Duty, or just video games in general? Let me know by leaving a comment!


Lets Play: Halo Anniversary Edition

Following my new post framework, Wednesdays will be lets play days. Where I will play a certain game and talk about my experience.

Just look at that title screen. Doesn’t it make you want to play a Halo game? Well it should, because Halo is simply amazing.

For those of you that don’t know, Halo Anniversary Edition is a polished and modernized version of the original Halo: Combat Evolved. This is the first Halo game released by the franchises new permanent designer 343 industries. Even though 343 Industries is a branch of Microsoft as Bungie is, I am a little worried of where they may take the Halo universe. But I digress, Halo Anniversary Edition is essentially all the same programming from the original game, just with improved graphics. Some might say this was lazy on their part, but I believe it is much better that they kept it the same rather than trying to changing it.

Since I was short on time I started on the second level, one of my favorites. One thing that caught my attention is that even in the first halo they really had the driving down.

The driving is extremely smooth and the cpu gunner works very well. In this play through I got through three levels, and one thing that kept sticking out to me was how funny the primitive animations looked with good graphics. Because when 343 Industries redid the graphics they didn’t redo the way things moved. So character movements are very un-detailed and it just seems so out of place with these graphics. One thing that really brought back many memories of the original Halo was the death animation. Anyone who has played Halo: CE remembers how no matter what angle your body hit the ground it always ended up doing the same spin and landing in the exact same position every time. I laughed each time I saw this animation during my playthrough.

Elites are by far my favorite alien in the Halo universe. One thing I’ve always missed in the later Halo games is hearing the aliens talk in their native tongue. While playing through, I was very pleased to hear “Wort Wort Wort!” (my favorite elite phrase of all time). The typical weapons I used throughout my play through was the magnum pistol, and either the plasma rifle or plasma pistol. You always hear people talk about how good the Halo 1 pistol was, and yes it is a very good weapon. But I do believe the hype created about it is mostly from comparison, because I dont even think Halo 2 had a pistol and Halo 3’s pistol was garbage.

Hunters are my second favorite aliens in the Halo universe, they are simply badass. So I was very disappointed while playing through because they were extremely easy to kill. Hunter fights in other Halo games were the perfect combination of difficulty and fun; it took strategy, planning, badass maneuvers, and pure luck to defeat hunters even on the normal difficulty. But in the original Halo you could take both hunters down with a single plasma pistol. So in original games, you win some you lose some.

Now, I’d say about half the reason I love Halo games, is because of the story behind it all. 343 Industries won major points with me by adding terminals (like in Halo 3), but unlike Halo 3 these terminals didn’t include text that pertained to Halo’s backstory, they contained cinematics that pertained to Halos backstory. I simply love them, here are a few screen shots of them.

As you can see all the ones I saw on my play-through had to do with 343 guilty sparks. As I typed that I realized the significance of 343 Industries name, very clever.

If you have any thoughts of Halo or games in general, leave a comment!

Thats all for the first installment of Lets Play, next wednesday I will be playing Call of Duty Black Ops: Nazi Zombies.