Preordering The Amazing Spider-Man = Stan Lee and a Rhino!!

If you are fans of both the Spider-Man movies as well as their video game counterparts, then I am sure you already know all about The Amazing Spider-Man game that is set to be released on June 26th. Well, if you are actually a dedicated fan of Spider-Man then you are probably going to be preordering this game, right? If so, then you have a lot of pretty swag preorder incentives to look forward to!

There are actually two main preorder options for this game. The first is to order the game through GameStop‘s traditional preorder route. This would mean laying down a 5 dollar advanced payment and then paying the rest when the game actually comes out. If you choose to do this, then you will be given the “Rhino Challenge.” This will allow you to actually play as Rhino, who is essentially a big gray beast with a massive horn and a very attractive face. You can go around smashing and killing things to your heart’s content with this African destruction machine!

The second preorder option is through Amazon. If you reserve a copy of the game through this method, you will be allowed to play as the infamous Stan Lee. And this is no ordinary Stan Lee, but a Stan Lee blessed with Spider-Man abilities! For those of you who are unaware, Stan Lee is pretty much the father of all comic book super heroes.

Overall, these seem like some pretty good incentives to go out and buy a copy of the game! I can’t say that I will be preordering this game for sure, but I am likely to pick up a copy sometime later on down the road.

So what are your opinions on this new Spider-Man game? If you are going to preorder it, which route do you plan to take? Let me know in a comment!


First Impressions Are Hard To Erase

But Prototype 2 certainly erased my impression of the first one! I had played the first one and didn’t really care for it, but I did see potential in the series, and that is what propelled me to buy the second one.

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Two Thursdays ago I purchased the game Prototype 2 and spent a good portion of that weekend playing through the game. I was yearning for a little more after fully completing the game, side missions and all. The only thing I really had left to do was completely upgrade my character, but that consisted of aimlessly flying around the open world New York landscape searching for enemies with consumable upgrades. So instead I started playing the game on insane difficulty. I haven’t gotten very far yet, so it’s still fairly easy. It was very interesting to watch a series change so drastically into a much better game. As gameinformer said, “radical has come out of the prototyping phase”. Awful pun aside I definitely agree. I see the original Prototype much more like a little test run. I’m glad it turned out to be a good game, because it is one of those games that just makes you feel like a legitimate badass. Every time you gain a new ability, you explore new ways to wreck havoc. And by the end of the game with everything upgraded nothing can even put a dent in you. So you get to cruise around New York Zero destroying things at will. and when all is said and done, isn’t that what a video game should be about?

So what do you think of Prototype 2, emerging series, or video games in general? Let me know in a comment!

And There Goes My Speakers


A while ago my relatively new laptop was having these problems with its speakers, the sound would cut in and out. It wouldn’t happen all the time, just enough to be nuisance. Until eventually the speakers stopped working all together. Great. Strangely enough, a person from dell called not to long after my speakers went dead to see if I was satisfied with my Laptop. I of course proceeded to tell him about my speaker problem. He gave me the number I should call to get it fixed and a special code I could enter so that I wouldn’t have to navigate the seemingly endless automated machines.

That was about two weeks ago, and I still haven’t called. Mainly due to the fact that I have a very simple way around the problem, I just plug my laptop into my fairly good speaker system and just like that, I have sound. Calling them just sounds like such a hassle and there really inst that much of a reason if I have a seamless way around the problem. But of course I will call them eventually, just so my laptop is independent of my room.

What do you think of tech support, Alienwares, or laptops in general? Let me know in a comment!

My Top 5 Favorite YouTubers!!

Like Ryan, I am a very avid YouTuber. In fact, the majority of my time spent on the computer is on YouTube. Most of the time I just watch videos relevant to what I am currently interested in, but over the years I have found specific YouTubers who hold my interest beyond a single video.

Here is a list I comprised of my top 5 favorite YouTubers.

1) SxePhil

Philip DeFranco does a news shoe Monday through Thursday.

2) SeaNanners

SeaNanners does video game commentary and works with Machinima

3) Machinima Respawn

Machina Respawn is a collaboration between a collection of different Machinima producers who upload video game commentaries.

4) SourceFed

SourceFed is another channel that uploads real world news Monday through Thursday and was actually initiated by SxePhil

5) VlogBrothers

The VlogBrothers are two friends that started out communicating to each other via YouTube video and over time acquired a very large audience

This is just a random list of my top 5. Let me know who some of your favorite YouTubers are in a comment!

Japan Announces its First Biometrics ATMs!

So how many of you are sick of always dealing with spare change, or even tired of trying to keep track of your multitude of different debit and credit cards you own? Well if you happen to live in Gifu Prefecture, Japan then you might just find the solution to your problems sooner then you would expect. The Japanese Bank Ogaki Kyoritsu has developed a biometric ATM that will allow you to deposit and withdraw money with the swipe of your hand! This feature will be available this coming September and will require users to permit the Bank to keep a record of their biological data.

Currently this biometric ATM will only released in Japan, but it is only a matter of time until the rest of the follows suit. So what do you guys think about this new method of identification? Would you like to see biometric ATMs in your country in the near future or do you think there is too much of a risk of something going wrong? Let me know in a comment!

Facebook Buys Instagram for 1 Billion Dollars!

Today it was announced that Facebook was buying Instagram for 1 billion dollars. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past year, up until last week Instagram was an iPhone exclusive app that allowed users to take pictures, apply filters and upload them for sharing. This app has exploded with popularity and accumulated over 15 million users since its release. Facebook’s motive for purchasing Instagram for such an outragious price was to make sure that they control the photo sharing aspect of social media. They want to make sure that Facebook remains the only necessary outlet for social media. Instagram’s large user base attracted Facebook because they managed to do something better than Facebook.

Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg commented on the fact that this was Facebook’s biggest investment as a company, saying, “We don’t plan on doing many more of these, if any at all. But providing the best photo sharing experience is one reason why so many people love Facebook and we knew it would be worth bringing these two companies together.” Sharing information is the key principle behind everything Facebook is, and Instagram is just another way to share things with the world.

Facebook does not plan to completely dissolve Instagram into Facebook, but instead will keep it as its own stand-alone application. Users can still share photos with people who are not their Facebook friends and can also share them to other social networking sites.

In the end, it is hard to tell if Instagram will really be worth the 1 Billion that Facebook has invested into it. This would mean that every one of Instagram’s 15 million users are worth 16.6 dollars to Facebook, despite the fact that the App is completely free to download. What do you guys think about Facebook buying Instagram? Do you think it was a good investment on Facebook’s part or do you wish Instagram had stayed its own company? Let me know in a comment!

Snipers In the Grass

I used to be kind of into air-soft guns, and I would have fun battles with some of my friends. Our typical battleground was this open lush field type thing. I’m not exactly sure what it is, it’s found in the middle of a neighborhood but its a fairly large secluded oasis of lush vegetation. It’s not a park per say, but I digress.

Given our leafy green battlefield, I found it appropriate to purchase a guile suit. It served its intended purpose a few times, but you would be surprised how useful it is to have a guile suit lying around. Combined with my pizza bag, I used it as a last-minute Halloween costume. And then one time, I had a good amount of friends over at my house, I pulled out the guile suit to show them. Next thing you knew we were all causally talking in my room, while one of my friends was sporting a guile suit. I’ve also used it for school plays.

So yeah having a guile suit has been a fun experience, and has proven to be a surprisingly useful piece of attire.

Have you ever gotten something that has proven to be much more versatile than first expected? let me know in a comment!