About Sam

Hi, my name is Sam and I like cereal. Frosted flakes to be specific, although special K is good too. Music is a must for me in my life. I enjoy bands like All Time Low, Paramore, Rise Against etc. I play guitar and love going to concerts. My two favorite past times are music and video games and occasionally I’ll throw in some Family Guy. I play in a band and we are currently working on releasing our EP.

I am Italian, German, Irish, and many more mixes that I don’t have time to mention. I like Europe. I have been to Ireland, England and Italy and I want to visit France soon.

I hate afternoons and I love mornings but I can’t stand getting up early. My plan is to invent a time machine so I can sleep in and then go back in time to experience the morning well rested.

I like roller coasters and other rides despite the fact that I am prone to getting motion sickness. I love rain, fog and wind and I like lighting a fire in our new fireplace on cold nights. Oh, and I also like sushi.. a lot.

As you probably notice, this blog only focuses on a select few of my interests. Specifically video games, music, movies and the like. These are things I enjoy a lot and consume countless hours of my life. Because of this I want to share my interests with the internet and maybe spark connections along the way. I will be posting regularly so feel free to follow me or contact me via wordpress or email (SamSteady@gmail.com) if you have any questions!


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