My Top 5 Favorite YouTubers!!

Like Ryan, I am a very avid YouTuber. In fact, the majority of my time spent on the computer is on YouTube. Most of the time I just watch videos relevant to what I am currently interested in, but over the years I have found specific YouTubers who hold my interest beyond a single video.

Here is a list I comprised of my top 5 favorite YouTubers.

1) SxePhil

Philip DeFranco does a news shoe Monday through Thursday.

2) SeaNanners

SeaNanners does video game commentary and works with Machinima

3) Machinima Respawn

Machina Respawn is a collaboration between a collection of different Machinima producers who upload video game commentaries.

4) SourceFed

SourceFed is another channel that uploads real world news Monday through Thursday and was actually initiated by SxePhil

5) VlogBrothers

The VlogBrothers are two friends that started out communicating to each other via YouTube video and over time acquired a very large audience

This is just a random list of my top 5. Let me know who some of your favorite YouTubers are in a comment!


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