Why I Love Pandora

I don’t actually own very many songs, because I find buying them on Itunes or pirating them to be too much of a hassle. So I rely on Pandora for all my music needs. What I enjoy about it the most is that it shows me the hidden gems of bands I know and love, as well as great songs from bands I’ve never heard of. I actually have a list of songs from relatively unknown bands which I love and hear regularly on Pandora. This list includes Paperthin Hymn by Anberlin, Say This Sooner by The Almost, and Call It Karma by Silverstein. I know Silverstein is a pretty well known band, but I don’t like very many of their other songs, although I do need to give them another chance I think I could grow to like them. And there’s always something special when you here a song you know and love in a place where there in no guarantee of that song coming up.

So what do you think of Pandora, or music in general? Let me know in a comment!


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