Release Date for Halo 4 Announced!

If you are a serious gamer and you own an Xbox 360 then you probably know all about Halo. I made a blog post regarding the release of Halo 4 which you can read here. As I stated in this post, Bungie, the original creators of the franchise, will not be releasing this game. They sold the series to 343 Industries, who are again teaming up with Microsoft to release an Xbox exclusive Halo 4. This game hasĀ generated a lot of hype as hardcore Halo fans question whether or not 343 Industries can live up to the legacy that Bungie has left behind. Well we are getting to closer to finding the answer to this questions as 343 Industries has finally anounced the release date for the game. This Election day, Novemer 6th 2012 Halo 4 will be released to the public. I am sure I will buy this game as I adore the Halo series, but unlike some I am not quite as much of a dedicated fan. I thihnk the games are incridible and the story line is unmatched by any other game series, but I have never been one to count down the days till a Halo release.

So what do you guys think about Halo 4 and do you plan on buying it when it comes out later this year? Let me know in a comment!


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