Rise Against Guitar Cover!

After the Rise Against concert I was inspired to relearn a few of my favorite songs on guitar. I used to know nearly all of their popular songs, but over time they have slipped from my memory. It didn’t take me long to recall how to play Tip the Scales off of their third album Siren Song of the Counter Culture. I have been listening to this song ever sense I started listening to Rise Against. Every time I hear it is reminds me why Rise Against is my all-time favorite band. The song is played a half step down in the key of Eb. Although I don’t have tabs for the song, I could tab it out if it is requested although I am sure you can find descent tabs online. I hope you enjoy my cover and excuse the mediocre video quality, as the audio is very high quality!

If you listen to Rise Against, let me know in a comment what your favorite song by them is!



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