Ignorance Was Bliss

I recently was able to sit down and read this month’s issue of game informer, who’s main story pertained to Halo 4. At first it got me really excited, the things they were doing with the story line seemed interesting and it looked as though they would bring interesting new aspects to a classic game. But as I read on every thing in the article boiled down to: “We are bringing completely new aspects to this game, but don’t worry it will still be exactly like a halo game. Even though we are changing everything, but we’re changing everything because Halo must evolve!” It went back and forth like this for a while until I came to a comment that startled me a bit. it went something like this, “We are making Halo 4 a very familiar game, to get gamers back in the shoes of Halo before we take it in a completely new direction.” All I can say is, I hope 343 Industries knows what their doing.

Despite all that I was still very excited for the story mode, but then I got to the multiplayer part of the article. What they were describing sounded like a regular Call of Duty game. Ranks, XP, “Spartan Points”, Classes, Instant Re-spawn, unlockables that change gameplay which you get as you progress the ranks, these things will no doubt make the game much more addicting and re-playable but in a very cheap way. Its just not really in the Halo way, In past Halo games a noob theoretically had just as much of a chance of winning as a pro, but with the introduction of being able to purchase items that change gameplay, that is out the window. These changes may seem small, but the developers said these were only the first changes of many. I just hope Halo doesn’t fall into the crowd. I hope it still distinguishes itself among the countless first person shooters.

What do you think about Halo 4, Its changes, or gaming in general? Let me know in a comment!


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