Rise Against & A Day to Remember Concert!

Jeremy Mckinnon of A Day to Remember

If you read Ryan’s previous post then you would know that we attended a concert on Monday featuring both Rise Against and A Day to Remember. If you know anything about us then you probably are aware that these are two of our absolute favorite bands and when this dual concert was announced we could hardly contain our excitement. We bought the tickets very early and got general admission so we could mosh our hearts out. We got in relatively early, considering the concert was in Bakersfield, CA, which is a good two and a half hour drive from Santa Barbara.

This concert had one of the craziest audiences I have ever seen. The first band didn’t provoke too much excitement, but when A Day to Remember came on everyone lost their crap. We got pushed and shoved from all directions and both Ryan and I were separated in the very beginning of the concert. After A Day to Remember, Rise Against came on and played nearly all of my favorite songs. The show was much longer than I expected it to be and Rise Against played a total of at least 15 songs.

Overall, the concert was absolutely incredible. As a music fanatic, I am very into attending concerts for my favorite bands and singing along to all of my favorite songs. I had so much fun and I am confident I will be attending many more Rise Against concerts in the future!

So what concerts have you been too and do you have an all-time favorite show? Let me know in a comment!


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