An Epic Concert

I spent last night screaming my lungs out at the Rise Against/A Day to Remember concert in Bakersfield. I was standing two people back from the very front. I was able to hold on the the front railing, a privileged I payed for dearly. Staying that close to the stage is a constant battle, people get vicious.

But enough about that, it was an incredible experience to know every song word for word each band played. My voice was completely shot after a couple Rise Against songs, but every time a song came on that I absolutely loved, I was filled with energy I had no idea I still had. Another thing that helped my voice was the water I so deliberately brought with me. I have been to a Rise Against concert before, so I knew how unbearably crowded this concert was going to get, and how desperately I needed water last time. This is something that would seem to be common knowledge, but the glares I received as I pulled out my water proved otherwise.

I know it seems mean that I didn’t share any water, but in general admission, it’s every man for them self. Another thing I enjoyed very much about the concert was the stage energy that both bands possessed. A Day to Remember’s stage energy was much more apparent, the lead singer of a day to remember got into a giant inflatable ball and ran around on the crowd.

I know the quality is awful, but it felt like I was trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Rise Against also did a very good job getting their audience riled up. This is a concert I will never forget and I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to go.

What do you think of Rise againt, A Day To Remember, Concerts, or music in general? Let me know in a comment!


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