The PS Vita Proves to be Unsuccessful!

Previously I made a post on the PS Vita and what my thoughts on this new hand-held device were which you can read here. My review was generally positive, but recently news has come out that the PS Vita was not the success that everyone had hoped it would be. In fact, in March alone video game sales along with the sales of their accessories fell nearly 25%. This is a devastating blow to the industry as they are already struggling with piracy issues and other factors that have been affecting video game sales profits. Currently, Microsoft‘s Xbox 360 is the most popular gaming console on the market and owns over 40% of the market. Sony had hoped that the PS Vita would be able to shake these statistics and push more popularity towards Sony’s products.

Although the PS Vita was not a success and did not turn the market around for Sony, statistics are still expected to rise in the coming year as more people splurge on expensive video game products during the holidays?

So what are your opinions on the PS Vita or the state of the video game market in general? Let me know in a comment!


One response to “The PS Vita Proves to be Unsuccessful!

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