Simple Games, Simply Fun

With my recent desperate boredom of most games, I have turned to replaying classic games from my childhood. Which have surprisingly yielded much entertainment.

So my friend was recently in town from his boarding school and was practically in love with my Alienware computer. One thing he proceeded to do was download a Gameboy emulator on my computer and few Pokemon games. This worried me, I did not want to get sucked into Pokemon games again. Despite the fun they are, their just not very cool or complex. So I made a mental promise to myself if I was going to replay these games I was going to do it my way, plan everything out from the beginning and just destroy everyone with strategy. This entailed using the emulator’s built in Gameshark to capture the team I wanted very early on. And if I couldn’t get that to work I wouldn’t play.

At first I couldn’t get the codes to work, but, for better or worse, I persisted and eventually got the codes to work. And that is the story of how I got sucked into playing Pokemon games again.

What do you think of Pokemon games? Do you think they’re incredibly lame, or that their simplicity makes them great? let me know in a comment!


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