Snipers In the Grass

I used to be kind of into air-soft guns, and I would have fun battles with some of my friends. Our typical battleground was this open lush field type thing. I’m not exactly sure what it is, it’s found in the middle of a neighborhood but its a fairly large secluded oasis of lush vegetation. It’s not a park per say, but I digress.

Given our leafy green battlefield, I found it appropriate to purchase a guile suit. It served its intended purpose a few times, but you would be surprised how useful it is to have a guile suit lying around. Combined with my pizza bag, I used it as a last-minute Halloween costume. And then one time, I had a good amount of friends over at my house, I pulled out the guile suit to show them. Next thing you knew we were all causally talking in my room, while one of my friends was sporting a guile suit. I’ve also used it for school plays.

So yeah having a guile suit has been a fun experience, and has proven to be a surprisingly useful piece of attire.

Have you ever gotten something that has proven to be much more versatile than first expected? let me know in a comment!


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