The Endeavor to Obtain My First Car

Today my car arrived from Denver Colorado on one of those giant car transporting trucks. Why did it come from all that way when I live in California you ask? The short answer is, because my parents are bad at thinking things through.

It is a very nice car and I am very excited to start diving it. It is a ford escape. I actually feel very strange getting a new car for my first car, but hey, I’m not complaining.

So anyway as I said the car arrived from Denver, and I will try to tell this tale as quickly as possible. My older sister lives in upstate New York, and for Christmas my parents bought her a car, and sent it all the way there on one of those giant trucks. The car was under my dad’s name, and unfortunately she wasn’t making the payments on the car. Thus my dad’s credit score began to drop.

To solve this problem my family and I, flew to New York, fully payed for a new car for my sister, and then started driving back to California in my sister’s old car, which would now be mine. My family couldn’t exactly handle driving across the country, so I flew out from St. Louis (as not to miss school), and my parents flew out of Denver (as they were fed up with driving). So we put the car on another moving truck from Denver to California. And that is the story of the many adventures my first car endured.

What do you think of my first car or the story that accompanies it? Let me know in a comment!


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