Registered Sex Offenders Banned from Online Gaming!

As of Yesterday, the state of New York has officially taken the initiative to protect young and vulnerable gamers from dangerous sexual predators in the world of online gaming. This action was named “Operation: Game Over,” and was an arrangement made between New York state officials and the major gaming companies in the U.S., including Microsoft, Sony and Apple as well as many other content creators. Because most major gaming platforms require their gamers to submit personal information when they sign up for their services, such as their email address, billing address and other key information pertaining to their identity, these gaming companies can cross reference this information with the record of registered sex offenders in New York and then ban confirmed accounts linked to offenders.

Since this operation took place, 3,580 gamers online accounts have been banned. This event is significant because it is the first occurrence of the law interfering with online gamers directly when concerning the safety of the players in real life. Although this is an overall improvement for the general gaming community as there are so many young kids who play games online and who need protection from possible predators, this may end up negatively changing the way the gaming world operates. If the government can step in whenever it wants and censor online gaming, it could cause a chain reaction that might put the freedom of the whole gaming world at risk.

What do you guys think about this event? Is the law overstepping its boundaries by enforcing restrictions on online gaming or is this an important step towards maintaining a safe and enjoyable online environment for gamers of all ages? Let me know in a comment!


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