Regulations for Electronic Use in Flight are Changing!

I am sure that many of you will agree that one of the most frustrating aspects of flying is the 20 minutes during takeoff and landing when you are not allowed to use electronics. Many experienced flyers have learned the trick of leaning your head into one ear bud in order to hide it from the flight attendant or just pretending you’re asleep in the hopes that the flight attendant is not so inconsiderate as to wake you up. But soon this all may be unnecessary.

My friend posted a blog on this specific topic, which you can read here. To summarize, the reason that no electronics have been cleared for on ground use is because the airlines are responsible for doing their own tests on all devices as apposed to the manufacture. Soon though, airlines will attempt to work with manufactures to make sure that all major devices such as iPods and other music players are safe for use during takeoff and landing.

So tell me what you guys think about the rules currently in place preventing the use of electronics during takeoff and landing? Will these changes affect the way you fly or do you already use electronics despite the rules against it?

Also, tell me what you think of my friend’s blog. He will continue to report on all different aspects of technology, especially Apple products and other mainstream devices so if you are interested, follow his blog.


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