The Grand Theft Auto 4 Multiplayer Experience!

Yesterday I found myself in the extremely unpleasant predicament of not knowing what game to play. I ended up throwing in Grand Theft Auto 4 only to remember that I had already completed all of the story mode, as well as the side missions and I was not in the mood to spend my time mindlessly killing civilians. I ended up deciding I would try out the online multiplayer. Although I have played GTA 4’s multiplayer mode in the past, I have never really been able to get the hand of it. I find the match making system to be awful and slow, and I rarely could find a lobby worth staying. The host system is a bit of a disaster as well due to the amount of power over the game type and parameters given to the host.

Despite these flaws I still love the game so I wanted to give it another shot. To mix it up, I entered into a racing match. It took considerably less time to find a race than it has for me to find a deathmatch in the past. The first match I entered was a helicopter race around Alderney. I did not exactly win… but I found it to be extremely fun. I ended up playing many more matches of different racing game types. Needless to say I played way to late and had to force myself to get off to go to bed. I plan to continue to play more online GTA 4 in the future and hopefully I will continue to find it fun and exciting.

What do you guys think about Grand Theft Auto 4’s online multiplayer? Do you like it or is it just to bazaar to really play seriously? Let me know in a comment!


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