Living In a Gamers Paradise

Everyday I wake up in what most would consider to be an over the top gamers room, but to me, it’s just my room. My room includes all 4 major mediums of gaming, two flat screen TVs, and an HD PVR. So without further ado, here they are.

First of all, my personal plasma flat screen TV, gaming consoles are practically useless without them.

Here you see my HD PVR, my Xbox 360, and my Wii. The main gaming console I use is the Xbox. Most Wii exclusive games suck, but there are a few gems that I like enough to continue owning a Wii for.

On the other side of my TV you see my Playstation 3. When it comes to the war between Xbox and Playstation I am fully on Xbox’s side. I like Xbox exclusive games much better, and the Xbox network kicks PSN’s ass. But I definitely acknowledge that there are many quality Playstation exclusives, therefor I own a PS3.

Hanging across the room is my 2nd TV, which I primarily use to watch TV shows on. My friends always complain about its awkward height when they have to play Xbox on it.

Here is my spare Xbox, the reason I have two is this one got red ring some time ago, I bought a new one but never got rid of this one, after a few years this one was working again.

And here is the newest addition to my gamer’s paradise, my Alienware x17. It is awesome. nuff said.

What do you think about the consol wars, gaming in general, or my gaming setup? let me know with a comment!


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