Creed’s Getting Real

Today I went and pre-ordered Assassin’s Creed III and as a lot of you may know, when you do so you get a super sexy collectors edition case.

Yeah this has gotten me incredibly hyped for Assassin’s Creed III. I have been intrigued by one thing in particular by getting this, the fact that he is half Native American. When the first cover artwork was released everyone started saying that, but I wasn’t sure how they knew that. Looking at this cover makes it seems pretty clear that that is indeed the case. But I digress. I wonder at the possibilities regarding his Native American heritage. Was he raised by Native Americans? How were Native Americans accepted into the assassin order? Are the Assassins working directly with the American revolutionists? Is America a completely Assassin ruled nation? and just the idea of seeing Templars and Assassins in colonial America seems so incredibly cool. The only thing that kind of annoys me about this collector case is the rating… rating pending? really? I never understood why series with many installments with the same rating ever have a rating pending logo. Of course I understand when it comes to completely new games, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a game that has cover art of a shady figure wielding a tomahawk and pistol will be rated M.

Yeah, the artwork is shiny and looks amazing. Also its made of metal.

This game is going to be simply amazing, no doubt about it.  I am very excited to see how Assassins and Templars have adapted to more modern times. The game comes out in November, so we have a while to wait. But this means it’ll be coming out during next school year, and I’m taking American history next year. So I’ll really know whats going on.

So what do you think of Assassin’s Creed III, RP ratings, or gaming in general? Let me know with a comment!


2 responses to “Creed’s Getting Real

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    I just finished AC2. Not sure if I have it in me to play the other 2. May just skip to AC3 when its out and cheap enough haha

  2. I haven’t even finished Revelations yet and there’s a new one coming out. I wonder if I will have the time. Thanks for the info.

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