Guitar Strings: Dunlop VS. Earnie Ball!

As you may know if you follow our blog, I play guitar. I know that there a lot of you that also play an instrument. This post is specifically focused on guitarists that want advice on choosing the best type of strings for long lasting, bright and vibrant sound.

I have spent a long time trying out different strings and experimenting with different gauges. Depending on what type of music you play the type and gauge of string will vary greatly, but for anyone in the rock / hard rock / metal genre, this post will be helpful.

I am only comparing the two different string companies that I have the most experience With: Dunlop and Earnie Ball.



  • Extremely long life / vibrant sound
  • High quality manufacturing prevents rust / keeps strings smooth for extended use
  • Individual packaging keeps strings fresh while on the shelves


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Some guitar retail stores do not carry them

Earnie Ball:


  • Very clear and vibrant sound
  • Easy to change / color coordinated
  • Inexpensive


  • Sound fades quickly
  • Production quality low / rust quickly

Overall I prefer Dunlop medium-heavy (gauge 11-50) over any other strings. This is simply because of their extended lifetime and the heavy sound I get from higher gauge strings. I do not enjoy wasting time I could spend playing guitar changing strings, and for this reason Dunlop are the strings for me. No matter how long I put off changing strings, I always find that Dunlop’s strings stay bright and clear and help to bring out the tone of my guitar.

That is just my opinion. If you play guitar or any stringed instrument, let me know what type of strings you use and what gauge in a comment!


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