The Wonderful World of Modding

While entering the world of modding, I had a bit of a rough start, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve only tried modding Skyrim so far which should be easy with nexus mod manager. But it kept on coming up with an error message, and instead of trying to fix it I tried my luck at dealing with manually installing the mods. This proved to be foolish and incredibly frustrating.

I would like to say I quickly gave up on this endeavor, but sadly I did not. I spent a great deal of time trying to figure it out, until I resorted to uninstalling and then re-installing Skyrim and Nexus mod manager. Luckily, that worked. But even now I don’t fully understand how to work Nexus mod manager, and I may completely switch to steam workshop. Which is easy to use, one button and done.

Yeah not very exciting pic, but what do you expect? I’m just talking about mods…

That is not to say I haven’t had success, I have gotten the majority of my mods to work. But I do feel as though I need to be careful with modding. People always talk about people who are sensitive to mods that are “lore breaking”, I don’t care so much about breaking lore, as I do breaking the game. What I mean by that is, I don’t want to mod in the most powerful spells and armor of all time. I enjoy playing games like this because I can see the progress I make, and see my hard work pay off by getting sweet armor. If I just modded in overpowered stuff the game would be ruined for me. So most of the mods I will be adding will be graphic, design, and extra quest mods.

What do you think of mods, PC gaming, or games in general let me know in a comment!


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