Apparently I Bought the Last Gamcube Controller in the Universe.

By universe I mean my local Gamestop.

So who in the right mind would by a gamecube controller you ask? Someone who is planning to replay one of their favorite classic games. That game would be Paper Mario. I have replayed this game once before, but its been a while and each time I play this game it entertains me the same as it did the first time I ever played it.

Unfortunately for me it has been so long since I’ve played a gamecube game that I’ve misplaced all of my controllers. So that’s why I was at gamestop asking for one. At first the guy behind the desk was so certain they didn’t have one he didn’t even check the computer. I told him to do so anyway just to make sure, and luckily they did have one! It was in some sketchy box in the corner and its missing its rubber analog covering, but who cares!

I will be able to play one of my favorite games of all time on it! and I bought the last gamecube controller that gamestop will ever sell, so I feel kind of special!

What do you think of more classic games vs more modern games? Let me know in a comment!


4 responses to “Apparently I Bought the Last Gamcube Controller in the Universe.

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