And Goodbye (console) Fallout

I suppose this is much more of a hello, than a goodbye, for I sadly haven’t been playing fallout at all. So that will make this transition easier and harder. Since I haven’t been playing Fallout at all it will be refreshing to play it again, but on the other hand I have put much more time and effort into my Fallout avatars than my Skyrim avatars.

My first Avatar, Vittor:

He is completely righteous and primarily uses guns, and unarmed.

My other avatar, Scarlet:

She only does things if it benefits her, she uses energy weapons, explosives, and unarmed.

So yeah it will be hard to part with these two wasteland Juggernauts, but I’m sure I will make equally badass and awesome avatars on my PC.

What do you think about PC vs Console, fallout, or games in general? let me know in a comment!


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