The New iPad is so Revolutionary Apple Forgot to Name it!

The new Apple iPad is here… so what does this mean?

Well lets start off with talking about the new features that this iPad will be featuring. First off, the new display is over 3.1 million pixels (4 times more than in the iPad 2). This means clearer text, pictuers, videos, apps and anything else you care to load on your iPad. It also has an A5X quad-core processor, which means better, faster and more powerful. Infact the new iPad will have mroe proccessing power than the leading gaming consoles on the market (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3).

The camera is now 5 mega pixels, with improved video recording quality (1080p HD) and the camera has many features of a real digital camera such as white balance and face detection. It also comes in a 4G LTE version which will allow for fast internet connection anywhere there is service.

The Wifi only versions start at $499 for 16 gb, $599 for 32 gb and $699 for 64 gb. The 4G LTE versions start at $629 for 16 GB, $729 for 32 GB and $829 for 64 GB.

My personal opinion on the iPad is that it is very a fun product, but it is not a useful or productive product. I don’t like how it still does not support flash, and the IOS operating system lacks a lot of functionality that the normal OS (Mac Computer) has. Overall I know I will definitely not be buying this product, but thats just me.

What do you guys think about this new release in the iPad family? Will you buy it or not? Tell me why in a comment!


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