Goodbye (console) Skyrim!

So naturally, with the arrival of my new gaming laptop, I am switching to PC for all of my RPGs. Mostly because of the awesome mods you can get on PC. I have already installed some simple mods just to make sure I could get it to work, and I must say I’m very excited. Mods will give me endless things to do, because on my console accounts I found that I was pretty bored after I beat the main story line.

It does kind of suck that I must start from scratch, but I’m being optimistic about it, I think it will give the game completely new life for me. And besides I didn’t spend too much time on my skyrim avatars. I only have two high level ones, and one of them I used the book shelf glitch with so that account is kinda ruined. But yeah here is my main account on my Xbox, Retille.

As I said, I believe PC will give skyrim new life for me. Because I really haven’t been playing it all that much lately, so hopefully that will change.

Where do you stand on Skyrim, Console vs PC, or games in general? let me know with a comment!


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