Top 5 Zombie Killing Devices

Your in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, what kind of heat should you be packing? This list will let you know!

Number 5:

A hand grenade can be a very effective weapon (with tons of splash damage) in taking out a group of zombies at a distance. I repeat, at a distance! The obvios drawback is if your dealing with one of those more agile zombies in an up-close and personal manner, a grenade will not help in the slightest. So in conclusion, a grenade is a good weapon to have for certain situations, but not as a primary weapon.

Number 4: Flamethrower

Setting a zombie on fire is a sure fire way to kill it, and you can easily set many zombies on fire at once. The only problem is, flaming zombies. Being set on fire hardly stops a zombie in their tracks, they still run towards you while still on fire. Granted wielding a flamethrower during a zombie onslaught is probably the most manly and badass thing you could ever do, but you need some distance between you and your brain-hungry enemies.

Number 3: Chainsaw

Chainsaws are one of the more classic zombie killing machines. Being torn apart by a chainsaw definitely stops zombies in their tracks. Chainsaws also dont run out of ammo, but a chainsaw isn’t good at killing mass hordes of zombies. With only a chainsaw You would easily get overran by a mass amount of zombies.

Number 2: Shotgun

When you think of killing zombies, you think of a shotgun, and for good reasons. Shotguns tear apart zombies enough to usually kill them in one shot each. The biggest problem is the reloading aspect of a shotgun. Under the pressure of zombies attempting to eat your brains, I dont believe you will be able to reload a shotgun very quickly.

Number 1: Wunderwaffe

The Wunderwaffe is the ultimate zombie killing device. By hitting one zombie with the chain lighting, mass groups of zombies and instantaneously killed. Reload time is a little lengthy, but after gaining a little breathing room with the Wunderwaffe reloading is a very doable task. 

So those are the best zombie killing weapons of all time. What weapons would you bring into undead combat? let me know in a comment!


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