I’m Anxious About the New Paper Mario

Paper Mario games have been some of my favorite games of all time, Its games have great stories, gameplay, strategy, and puzzles that require a fair amount of thinking. But this new paper mario is looking a little childish, now I’m not sure if this actually going to be the cover art, but this looks extremely childish.

Image From it.mario.wikia.com/

Despite Its childish outlook Paper Mario games have been extremely serious and respected games. They have had intriguing plots and plot twists that I never saw coming. One thing that I dislike, is that if this game does turn out to be good I am going to need to get a 3ds to play it, a system I have no other interest in other than playing Paper Mario on it. This game is released in summer of 2012, I will try to remain optimistic about it, and in the mean time play some of the old Paper Mario games, which I will definitely do a lets play of. Maybe after reminiscing in how amazing those games are, it will reassure me that Paper Mario 3ds will be a good game.

Have you ever played any of the paper mario games? What did you think? And what do you think of the new one.


One response to “I’m Anxious About the New Paper Mario

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