All Time Low Added to Warped Tour Lineup!!

I don’t know if you have heard yet, but as of yesterday All Time Low was officially announced to be joining the Warped Tour lineup this year. This is extremely exciting for me as I am a huge fan of All Time Low and would consider them one of my top 3 favorite bands. Unfortunately I missed “The Rise and Fall of my Pants Tour” last summer and I have been dying to get the chance to see them live ever sense. As a musician, these guys are some of my greatest role models and they have helped to pave the way for all musicians in the pop/punk/rock industry. I look up to them as both people and as some of the best artists and musicians of all time.

I can play a considerable amount of All Time Low songs on guitar and I am considering possibly uploading a few covers of some of my favorite All Time Low songs.

So tell me what do you guys think about All Time Low? Do you love them? Do you hate them? Let me know in a comment!



Hunger Games Review, Immediately After Midnight Premier

It is currently 2:44 am. I just got home after watching the midnight showing of the hunger games. I simply loved seeing my hands down favorite book of all time take life and shape on screen. Where do I begin? First of all I believe the characters to have been portrayed flawlessly. Each character acted exactly how I had pictured from reading the book. Although the movie moved very quickly (as all movie adaptions of books do), the movie took its time when it needed to. Inevitably with the loss of much of the main characters narration, a lot of the ideas found throughout the book were lost, but every emotion that came with these ideas were there, clear and strong. I honestly don’t know what else to say, I eagerly await the next two movies which will undoubtedly come out. Hopefully they will split the last book into two parts, to give it a more in depth ending. If you have not seen the movie, it is a must see. Unless you haven’t read the book, in which case you should read the book immediately and then go watch the movie.

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a movie so much in my life. And that fact has made me come to a realization. This is the way all those Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, and Star Wars fans feel! I have never really been pulled into a series like this before, so this is my Star Wars. This is my Harry Potter. This is my Lord of the Rings. This is my Hunger Games!

The Grand Theft Auto 4 Multiplayer Experience!

Yesterday I found myself in the extremely unpleasant predicament of not knowing what game to play. I ended up throwing in Grand Theft Auto 4 only to remember that I had already completed all of the story mode, as well as the side missions and I was not in the mood to spend my time mindlessly killing civilians. I ended up deciding I would try out the online multiplayer. Although I have played GTA 4’s multiplayer mode in the past, I have never really been able to get the hand of it. I find the match making system to be awful and slow, and I rarely could find a lobby worth staying. The host system is a bit of a disaster as well due to the amount of power over the game type and parameters given to the host.

Despite these flaws I still love the game so I wanted to give it another shot. To mix it up, I entered into a racing match. It took considerably less time to find a race than it has for me to find a deathmatch in the past. The first match I entered was a helicopter race around Alderney. I did not exactly win… but I found it to be extremely fun. I ended up playing many more matches of different racing game types. Needless to say I played way to late and had to force myself to get off to go to bed. I plan to continue to play more online GTA 4 in the future and hopefully I will continue to find it fun and exciting.

What do you guys think about Grand Theft Auto 4’s online multiplayer? Do you like it or is it just to bazaar to really play seriously? Let me know in a comment!

Dear Fallout New Vegas, You Make Me Look Like a Dork

I say this because just about every time I am talking about Las Vegas, I say New Vegas instead. Normally this Only frustrates me, for none of the people I talk to know what Fallout is, but it is a mistake I make all too often. Especially since over spring break I will be spending time there, but hopefully my time there will stop me from miscalling it so often.

Escape The Fate and Attack Attack Co-Headlining This World is Ours Tour

This spring Escape The Fate along with Attack Attack are heading out on a co-headlining tour with supporting bands including The Word Alive, Mest and Secrets. The tour is titled This World is Ours and will making its way all the way across the U.S., as well as stopping in Argentina and Canada.

There will be a stop in Los Angeles at the House of Blues on April 21 and I would very much like to go. It would not be too difficult to make it to LA.,as it is only an hour and a half drive form where I live in Santa Barbara. I have always wanted to see Escape the Fate live and I think that Attack Attack would also be very entertaining. From what I have heard both bands seem to be full of energy and have a very strong stage presence. As a musician, Escape The Fate is one of my favorite and most influential bands and for that reason I think it would be great to get to see them live and in person.

I can’t say for sure if I will be able to make it, but with tickets starting at $22.00 for general admission I am seriously considering it. What do you guys think about this tour? Are you going to go or is this lineup just not for you? let me know in a comment!

Our First Post that is (somewhat) About Pizza!

Considering our blog name is Potassium Pizza Party, I thought it would be appropriate to have at least ONE post that is somewhat about pizza. I enjoy a variety of pizza places, but one of my constant favorites is a local chain called Rusty’s. I order from there a lot. So much in fact that I guess it was only a matter of time until the pizza man accidentally left the pizza bag at my house


So yeah, now I have a Rusy’s Pizza bag… I’ve been meaning to do a prank with it some night with my friends, but I’ve just been so lazy as of late. So yeah I think its pretty cool, what do you think?

Angry Fans Protest the Ending of Mass Effect 3!

As many of you have probably heard, the infamous Mass Effect 3 did not exactly go as expected. Specifically, I am referring to the story’s ending. If you are a fan of the game or have been on any gaming forums recently, you would know that players of the game were very disappointed with the ending. Without spoiling the game, I will just say that the decisions you make throughout the story have practically no effect on the outcome of the game.

Angry fans ended up making online petitions requesting that BioWare, the creators of the game, change the ending. Although, at the time, it seemed as if this was just a waste of time, as it turns out BioWare may actually be considering changing the ending. They released a statement saying that they were seriously considering their fans concerns and that they will look into make a change to the ending.

I think that it is incredible that the fans were actually able to sway the decision of a huge company such as Bioware. It really shows that the power is in the consumer’s hands and not the company’s. I don’t really have an opinion on the games ending as I have only spent a small amount of time playing the game, but I am very interested in following this story and seeing what comes out of it.

So tell me what you guys thought of Mass Effect 3’s ending? Did you mind the way the story concluded or are you one of the thousands of gamers who added their name to an online petition requesting that Bioware change the game? Let me know in a comment!