The Decline of the Modern Warfare Series!

Call of Duty is one of those games that almost anyone with an Xbox or Playstation has. I got into Call of Duty when I went down to Game Stop and purchased a copy of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 1 nearly four years ago. This sparked a monster and I just could not put the game down. I went straight from Modern Warfare 1 to Modern Warfare 2. This game exploded on the market in 2010 and has completely changed the competitive and professional gaming community. Although this game was extremely fun and entertaining for a short while, it quickly got repetitive and boring. It was almost as if you felt like you had to play to keep up with the rest of the gaming world, but it just wasn’t fun anymore. Now with the release of Modern Warfare 3, everything has crashed and burned. The game is literally just a map pack for Modern Warfare 2. The graphics are identical, many of the weapons are the same and the game feels no different than its predecessor.

As I am sure many of you know, Infinity Ward is responsible for producing Modern Warfare games in the Call of Duty Series, while Treyarch is responsible for making all of the other games. Both of these are game developers that work for the publishing company Activision. Although both developers have positive and negative sides to their games, Infinity Ward has arguably the most popular games. Despite the popularity of their games, the production and maintenance quality of Infinity Ward’s products are very low. Although Modern Warfare 1 was backed up with good map packs and game support, they slacked off on Modern Warfare 2. I mean like they literally produced the game and than left it in the dust to fend for itself.

The game collapsed and turned into a hacker friendly, booster infested modded lobby disaster. Infinity ward abandoned the game and immediately starting working on their next release. Why did they do this? To make more money!

It is way more beneficial for them to release a new game and sell another couple million copies than it is to keep up maintenance on the online servers of an older game. For this reason, I believe that the quality of Modern Warfare 3 will quickly decline as Infinity Ward scrambles to make more money on their next release.

I personally prefer Modern Warfare games to other games in the Call of Duty series, but I still am well aware of the flaws in the games. I think that the reason I am more attracted to these games is because Modern Warfare 1 was the first Call of Duty I played and Modern Warfare 2 was the first “first person shooter” I became obsessed with. I did enjoy Black Ops, but it did not entertain me for long and soon found myself playing the game less and less.

When Modern Warfare 3 was released I held off from buying it because I was skeptical of the quality of the game and I did not want to waste my money. In the end I surrendered and bought a copy of the game. I enjoyed it a lot at first, but I got tired of it very quickly. I think I can credit this to my long gaming history on Modern Warfare 2, and because these games are so similar it almost feels as if I am playing the same game.

For me the game is still fun, and as of right now the servers are running smoothly and the lobbies are hack free and booster free thanks to the removal of the game-ending tactical nuke. Although I enjoy it, I don’t play it very often and when I do it is not for very long periods of time. It is hard to say what I will do when the next Call of Duty is released, but I doubt I will buy it right away.

This is just my opinion though. What do you think about the Modern Warfare series and Modern Warfare 3 in particular? Will you buy the next game when it comes out?


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