What Was Bungie Thinking When They Released ODST..?


Ok I will keep this short and concise; Halo ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) was not good. It is the one and only failure in the Halo series. I have decided I would condense all of my distaste for the game and put it into one list.

1. There was no online PVP matchmaking…

Why would you release a full game like Halo, which is known for its online game play, without its own matchmaking??

2. The story was boring and did not have any interesting character to relate to.

3. The only “multiplayer” aspect of the game was the Firefight mode, and even this did not have its own matchmaking.

Firefight is a stage based survival game. Even this was also ruined for me because of the “endure” achievement which required four players to make it to an extremely high level to unlock. This took my friends and I hours to get, and when we finally did achieve it we were ready to never play firefight again.

4. The graphics seemed to be a step back from Halo 3, and were in no way anything special.

5. The weapons were limited, the functionality was limited and the maps were short and boring.

Overall, this game had no unique features and did not hold my interest for long at all. I felt as if Bungie coped out and released this game simply for profits, and did not think about their fans at all.

Let me know in a comment what you thought about ODST. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Tell me why or why not!


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