Top 5 Most Badass Video Game Characters

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Number 5: Marcus Fenix

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In the Gears of War games Marcus is a soldier that fights against the locust. Badass features include: being ripped beyond believe, guns with chainsaws on them, destroying entire populations of locust multiple times, and as Sam once said “These guys are way too buff! They have six packs on their asses!”

Number 4: Scorpion

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Scorpion is from the Mortal Kombat series, and is probably one of the most recognizable characters. In the rivalry between Scorpion and Sub Zero, I side with Scorpion completely. Badass features include: the ability to conjure fire, his chain spear, his dual blades, and the fact that when he removes his mask a skull is revealed.

Number 3: Isaac Clarke

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Isaac has the pleasure of getting caught in the midst of deep space adventures, government conspiracies, and of course space zombies. Well not generic zombies in any sense, they are referred to as necromorphs and are the product of human DNA being rearranged by a mysterious alien artifact known as the marker. Anyway, badass features include: an awesome advanced space suit, crashing through walls into and out of space multiple times, being able to save the human race while suffering from mental affects from the marker, and the ability to use a foam finger as a weapon.

Number 2: Ezio Auditore

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To see the reasons why Ezio Is a badass see what Sam has said about him:

Number 1: John 117 “Master Chief”

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Master Chief is by far the most badass video game character ever created. He is the main character of the Halo series; he protects the human race from an alliance of aliens known as the Covenant. Frankly, if it wasn’t for Master Chief, humanity would be royally screwed. Badass features include: being the last living spartan super soldier, single handedly destroying ancient forerunner Halos, the Covenant refer to him as “The Demon”, and he repeatedly punched the prophet of regret in the neck until he died.

So thats my top 5 most badass video game character list! Also, let me know who you think I should or shouldn’t have included.


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