Twisted Metal 2: The Bossiest Bosses

One thing I say about older games is that they knew how to make bosses. The first boss is the devil himself, he drives a tank named minion. His special weapon is a tri-force of missiles accompanied by a freeze blast, this does quite a bit of damage and he uses it frequently. If he doesn’t feel like shooting you, he can simply ram into you at fast speeds dealing more than enough damage.

Despite all these things if your decent at playing the game he is a pretty manageable boss, mostly because he is essentially only a little more than a single typical foe. He handles just like any other car and is even a secret unlock-able character.

Minion is mere child’s play compared to the games final boss, Dark Tooth. Dark Tooth is sweet tooth’s father, and is arguably the best boss in twisted metal history.

As a young child I could not even comprehend fighting this behemoth of a boss. So I would just drive around the streets of Hong Kong hoping not to run into this mad man, while my dad dealt with him. I even had nightmares of Dark Tooth. As you can see in the picture, Dark Tooth is a giant ice cream truck with a flaming clown head to top it all off. At a distance he will shoot spinning, flaming, ice cream cones at you, freeze you, and throw his flaming clown head at you. His attacks are even more brutal as you get close, because he will do all of the above, and also proceed to jump on top of you. Only the fastest of Twisted Metal’s characters can escape Dark Tooth, for he has amazing speed. Defeating this monster is no easy feat even for the most hardened of twisted metal players. But if you manage to do so you win right? Wrong. After this beast there is one final challenge there is one final challenge.

You manage to destroy the truck, but not the flaming clown head. To destroy Dark tooth once and for all you must kill his head.

This final form has no where near the god like amounts of health his previous form had, but if you take this form of Dark Tooth lightly you’ll pay with your life. He still has all the weapons in in his arsenal, and he can dish the damage out. With a powerful special you can take him out fast enough. So those are the bosses of Twisted Metal 2, some of the craziest bosses ever made.


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