Spyro, Spyro, Spyro!


My brother’s birthday is on the 19th, and for an early birthday present we took him to BestBuy and let him get any game of his choice for the Wii. After a bit of searching he found it, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. This instantly brought back a wave of memories. Spyro is definitely on my top list of games. I used to have the old GameBoy Spyro games and they would consume hours of my life. Spyro is one of those games that just never gets old, and I couldn’t wait to see how this new game lived up to its older counterparts.

Although I did not get a good chance to really sit down and play the game yet, I did watch my brother play it for a while and the first thing I noticed was the glowing portal like object that plugged into the Wii. The game came with different plastic toy characters which, when placed on this portal, changed the character you controlled in the game. This immediately grabbed my attention and brought up many questions. This seems like a cool feature from the outside, but it is hard to tell if it is just a selling point and has no real benefit to the game.

I still must sit down and really try out the game for myself and than I will be putting up a review of it along with my review of Zelda, Skyward Sword.


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