Twisted Metal: The Only Good Car Destruction Games

Tomorrow a game that I have been waiting for a very long time will be released, Twisted Metal. The twisted metal series has been through a lot, and has had many great games, except for twisted metal 3 which was okay and twisted metal 4 which was just awful, and I hardly even consider it to be a part of the series. Twisted metal 2 was the very first video game I ever played, and the story goes like this. when I was about 3 years old, my dad would hand me an unplugged controller while he played twisted metal with his friends so I thought I was playing. One day my dad plugged my controller in and I actually could play the game.

Me and my dad recently started playing twisted metal 2, so that we could get our time in with it before the new one came out. My first thought was, were the graphics always this bad? I mean I knew they would be bad simply because the game is so old, but they were far worse than I remembered or expected. But strangely, as we played more and more I got used to the graphics, and now they don’t seem too bad.

My second thought was, how the hell did I deal with these controls? The controls for the game were awful and unresponsive. But, like the graphics, as I played more I got used to them and discovered that the controls weren’t bad, they were just hard. With a little bit of practice you could get your character to do whatever you wanted them to do.

The controls to the game are hard, but the game itself is even harder. Back in the day me and my dad would easily beat the co-op tournament every time we set out to, but recently it has been a feat we have only accomplished 3 times. Now the first idea would be to lower the difficulty from medium to easy right? Wrong. Because after the first boss on easy, a screen comes up with a big stop sign that reads: “No losers beyond this point, change the difficulty and play the real game.” Yeah, they dont make games like they used to! calling you a loser because you were trying to have some fun.

Now as for the story, it’s pretty simple. There is this guy named Calypso, and he as all these super awesome powers. He can grant anyones wish, so he hosts a contest every year called twisted metal, the winner gets his wish granted. Everyone who wins gets screwed over by their wish either by the way they worded it or by Calypso just being messed up, unless they wish for something incredibly simple.

Now I didn’t do much research on this, but twisted metal has got to be one of, if not the first car destruction game out there. This genre of games is generally terrible and the twisted metal games are the only car destruction games I’ll play. I’m not exactly sure what they do but the game feels so different than other games like it, and its just so entertaining and fun.

The characters drive a variety of cars ranging from dune buggies, tractors, monster trucks, motorcycles, drag racing cars, ice cream trucks and much more. I’ll be doing character reviews of my three favorite characters this week.

Overall old games have a certain charm that newer games simply don’t have, for me twisted metal 1 and 2 have the most of that charm out of all the older games I’ve ever played.


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