Nintendo’s Wii Review

Although the Nintendo Game Boy was my first real gaming device, I have never been overly attracted to Nintendo products. Despite this, I still convinced myself I needed a Wii and I made the purchase two Christmases ago. Overall, the Wii does a good job of doing exactly what it was made to do. It is a very active and kinesthetic gaming console that revolves around direct body control through the motion sensor and Wii Motion Plus. It has revolutionary technology that has changed the face of the gaming industry and has brought games such as Super Smash Bros. to life in a whole new way.

The motion detection and accuracy of the Wii was astounding from the beginning and this has only been improved with the installment of Wii Motion Plus. The Wii also opens the doors to new types of lifestyle games such as exercise/workout games that walk you through workout routines and provide immediate feedback on how to improve your workout methods. Adventure games such as The Legend of Zelda have also been added to the Wii along with the Call of Duty series and many others. These were both major steps for Nintendo because they showed the wide range of games that the console could support and it also aloud diehard fans of such games to experience them in a whole new way. The Wii is also capable of internet browsing and supports applications such as Netflix for instant movie streaming.

Despite these positive features, there are still many major drawbacks to the Wii. I am not a gamer that focuses solely on graphics, but when it comes to the Wii it was an undeniable disappointment. The graphics that the Wii supports is comparable to the original PlayStation Portable. This has made many fans upset and has limited the Wii’s marketability as a mature gaming console. Other major drawbacks include things such as the controller’s short battery life and the lack of a CD/DVD player.

In conclusion, the Wii is a descent console to be used in a relaxed gaming environment such as a family or party setting. It is easy to use and has such a broad range gaming styles that cannot be found on any other console.

P.S. The main reason for this review was a lead up to one of my major game reviews, which I will be posting in the near future. This will be on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which is only available on the Wii. This is the latest major installment in The Legend of Zelda series and is the first to utilize the Wii Motion Plus feature.


5 responses to “Nintendo’s Wii Review

  1. I’ve always enjoyed playing the Wii but never got around to buying one. I really miss Mario and Zelda games, Nintendo makes some amazing first party games (I don’t own a DS either).

    Hopefully the Wii U (that’s what it’s called right?) will be enough of a graphics update that will convince me to get a Wii. I don’t think a Nintendo will ever be my main gaming device (I’m an Xbox guy myself) but I really do want to get a chance to enjoy the great Nintendo games.

  2. Sam and Ryan, you guys are totally on point with this site. It’s engaging, well laid out, well thought out and you are doing everything right. Keep it up, can’t wait to read more. Seems like you already have a few readers outside of class!

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