The Pros and Cons of Sirius XM

On the drive to and from school it’s nice too listen to the radio, my parents pay for XM radio which is nice, but it has its drawbacks.

The Pros-

1) There are no commercials. need I say more?

2) There is a wide variety of channels, so there is a channel for any taste in music.

3) It’s a satellite radio, so It works anywhere across the country.

4) The channels are focused, so if your on a channel for modern hard rock, you’ll only get modern hard rock.

The Cons-

1) You have to pay for Sirius XM, its about 17$ a month.

2) It may work anywhere in the country, but not if your under a bridge or even thick trees for that matter…

3) They seem to have a limited selection of songs, for I find myself listening to the same song quite a bit, but then again regular radio does that as well.

In the end I think the pros outweigh the cons and satellite radio is a super awesome, and my favorite channel (octane) normally pleases me and meets my expectations.


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