My Personal History of Gaming

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Sam and I have been an avid gamer since as far back as I can remember. Although gaming is only one of the many activities that I participate in, it is one of the biggest and most time consuming things that I do daily. I am the proud owner of an Xbox 360 along with many other consoles, but my life as a gamer was not always so luxurious.

Let me take you back to when I first got my hands on a gaming device. I was around 6 or so and my family had ventured out to Disneyland for a quick vacation. At this point in my life I was desperate for a Game Boy and I had been bugging my parents endlessly for one. When we got to Disneyland I saw it, a red, Mickey Mouse shaped handheld gaming device. It was much less advanced than Nintendo’s Game Boy, but it incorporated many elements of the Disneyland experience was solely based on Mickey Mouse.

From there I moved on to a real Game Boy. My friend and I would always meet at his house, each with our Game Boys, and trade games back and fourth until we had fully exhausted each other’s collection. Soon enough our Game Boys were not sufficient and my friend got a Gamecube. This led to hours spent on his living room couch attempting to score in quittage, trying to find princes Zelda, killing giant robots in Rocket Power and many other important activities. The Game cube was fun but it did not last. That Christmas my friend got an Xbox original. Along with his Xbox came Halo 1. The idea of an 8 foot tall, steroid-induced super-soldier running around killing obnoxious alien beings bent on destroying our galaxy did not appeal to my parents and so I was forced to play the game in secret.

From the Xbox I moved to the computer. Internet games were the trend in 5th grade. I played everything from MMORPGs to free flash based games. Websites like Shockwave and AddictingGames became my life. Although Internet games were fun, they only held my interest until I finally convinced my parents to allow me to get an Xbox 360. This has been my main weapon in the gaming world sense 7th grade and without it I would have way more free time. Although the red ring of death is a pain to deal with and the fact the disks constantly get scratched for no apparent reason is extremely obnoxious, overall my Xbox 360 has done its job of consuming countless hours of my life. Although my Xbox is currently my favorite console, it is hard to tell what the future of gaming will bring. But I know that without a doubt I will be ready to upgrade when the time comes for the release of the next major gaming console.


3 responses to “My Personal History of Gaming

  1. Your comments were very lucid. If you eventually switch to PC I suggest that you avoid MMORPG’s like World of Tanks and other upcoming releases from, such as World of Warplanes and World of Battleships, all of which are promoted online as “free” platforms but which are in fact money-pits for the unwary. Check out my blog “World of Clanks” for more detail.

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