How I Think the [Prototype] Series Will Be Similar To the Assassin’s Creed Series

Even the most casual of gamers have at least heard of the Assassin’s Creed series, but not everyone knows of it’s more humble beginnings, and my theory is that [Prototype] is the humble beginning of what could be a fairly popular series.

Although the first Assassin’s Creed was a fairly good game I do believe Ubisoft could have done a much better job with it, after all the game did come out in 2007. On the other hand there’s [Prototype], a game that (in my opinion undeservingly) sold enough copies to be considered a platinum hit. I picked this game up about a year or so ago when I was looking for just about anything that wasn’t first person shooter, what I got didn’t impress me.

Plot: Assassin’s Creed has an amazingly original plot, while [Prototype]….. not so much. what makes a plot original for me is whether or not another game could be made with a similar plot. No game could ever make a plot similar to Assassin’s Creed, but a game with a plot similar to [Prototype] is a different story. The plot is basically a sketchy company is preforming biological experiments on unsuspecting civilians, one such civilian escapes and possesses awesome powers and now seeks to find the men who did this to him and make them pay. Come on, that’s so generic it’s almost cliché.

Graphics: I for one am not too picky about graphics in a game, but both of these games were significantly under the norm of graphic quality for their time. Both games have pretty bland and unoriginal graphics. The cut-scene graphics for [Prototype] are also nothing to be proud of, the lip synching is awful, characters show little to no emotion, and their movement is awkward. Assassin’s Creed’s cut-scenes however were very welly animated; it makes me wonder why they didn’t take the time to improve in-game graphics a bit more.

Animation: I might not be picky when it comes to graphics but animation quality is a whole different story. I cannot stand games with awkward animations, it constantly brings me out of the game and downgrades my experience all around. Assassin’s Creed’s animations were pretty awkward, the character didn’t move fluidly at times and interactions with the environment and other characters were awkward. [Prototype]’s animation is smooth, but things don’t behave how you would expect them to. For example, when you are holding someone in the air by their neck, and proceed run around a little bit, their body flails around like a rag doll. Also when you throw a car it seems to glide through the air, it just doesn’t feel like your throwing a car.

Game-play: [Prototype] runs on a generic super-hero game engine, this disappointed me  greatly. I felt like I was playing a spider-man game for god’s sake! On the other hand Assassin’s creed runs on an original game engine, but it didn’t seem to have all the kinks worked out of it. Each game has original game-play aspects which I appreciate. Since Assassin’s Creed runs on such an original game engine just about every aspect of it is original so I won’t bother going into it. [Prototype] includes just about anything you could expect to be in a super-hero like game such as, flight, disguising, wall running, hand to hand combat (obviously), and stealth missions, but it also includes something you wouldn’t expect in a typical super hero game, the ability to pick up weapons and drive vehicles. Also by (for lack of a better word) consuming people the main character gains their memories, this might be more of a plot aspect, but it also serves a purpose in game-play, because you can gain certain abilities by doing so.

Assassin’s Creed had more advantages to begin with than [Prototype] does, so I don’t see [Prototype] becoming anywhere as big as Assassin’s Creed, but [Prototype] definitely has potential. There are enough original aspects to the game-play to make it distinguishable from other similar games, and the plot seems to thicken a bit in [Prototype] 2 when the main character switches to an army official bent on tracking down the main character from the first. Who knows, maybe the two main characters will start recruiting people and giving them powers as well, then the next game could be called [Prototype]: Brotherhood. Then I would be able to say I told you so.

p.s. just for the record I wont normally be this critical of games, this review type thing just called for it!


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