YouTube Channels, Guitar Covers and other stuff!

I have decided that because this blog is not solely dedicated to video games, I would incorporate my personal YouTube channel, which I use for uploading guitar covers. I would like to start embedding videos of guitar covers on this blog, specifically video game soundtracks, and I am considering making it a regular segment on our blog. Although I will be uploading video game soundtracks in the near future, for now I thought I would give you a look into my taste in music through a guitar cover I already have uploaded. This video is me covering Escape The Fate’s song “We Won’t Back Down”.

I figured everything out by ear so I don’t have tabs, but I do plan on tabbing out guitar covers of popular video themes so that you can learn how to play them yourself

So my question for you is what kind of music do you listen to? Do you also play an instrument?


Lets Play: Nazi Zombies, Call of the Dead

Wednesdays are Lets Play days, this week I’m playing Nazi Zombies, Call of the Dead.

I don’t like Call of Duty games all that much, but Nazi Zombies is a whole different story. To me, Nazi Zombies is a perfect combination of simplicity, strategy, skill, luck, and fun. One thing I find interesting about Nazi Zombies is how Treyarch was able to quickly and seamlessly add an interesting story to it. If you look at the first original Nazi Zombie map, it is clear that it was just intended to be a fun little extra in the call of duty universe, but when Treyarch started to make more maps, they also added an intriguing story to the Nazi Zombie universe. And I am a person who enjoys a game with an interesting story. Also, an interesting story was desperately needed among the Call of Duty games. Anyway time to talk about my specific play through.

I played solo on Call of the Dead, my favorite Nazi Zombie map. The game started out simple enough, shoot stab, shoot stab, shoot stab. As soon as I had enough points I opened the two doors that separated me from the ak-74. I stayed by the lighthouse, but I struggled a bit on levels 3-7, because those are awkward levels where not all the zombies are running, making it harder to circle.

But by level 8 all the zombies were going at consistent speeds making it easier to rack up points.

I got extremely lucky, because two death machines dropped at the end of different rounds. I used these death machines on George, and because he has low health when you are playing solo, these two death machines brought him to the brink of death.

By the end of level 10 I had bought all of my 4 perks. As you can see I chose juggernog, quick revive (on solo you can revive yourself), double tap, and the one I am drinking is stamina up. Most people don’t like double tap because it burns through your ammo much to fast, and it does. But when I am using the ak74, and I am constantly at a place where I can get more ammo, it is a very useful perk. And as for stamina up, that perk makes it much easier to run circles around the zombies. as for the other useful perks, such as speed reload and mule kick I rely on killing george to acquire them.

As I said, George was very weak after taking all the damage from two death machines, so it only took a couple sticky grenades and some pistol rounds to kill him.

From George I got speed cola, and a Wunderwaffe. Just a cool little side note, Treyarch got the name for the Wunderwaffe from history. Near the end of WWII the Germans attempted to develop a super weapon that would change the war, which they were calling the Wunderwaffe. Now it probably wasn’t a rifle that shot chain lighting, but it’s still cool that Treyarch connected Nazi Zombies to history in that way. I didn’t always like the Wunderwaffe, actually I didn’t appreciate its greatness until black ops came out and it wasn’t in that game very much at all. Lobbies would be amazed and confused as I let the Wunderwaffe slip back into that cruel and mysterious mystery box. But now I love this weapon, It is now my favorite zombie killing weapon of all time.

I only made it to round 17, in hindsight I probably should have upgraded my ak74. It is definitely possible I will document another one of my zombie play throughs, hopefully that one will be more successful.

So, what do you think about Nazi Zombies, Call of Duty, or just video games in general? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Review of Harold and Kumar’s Christmas Special!

Today I decided that I would do another movie review. I recently watched A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, and, being a huge fan of the series, I thought it deserved my attention. So if you would take a moment and hearken back to the original, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle,  you will remember a movie filled with laughs, marijuana, and miniature burger cravings. It was a straight to the point, genius comedy that left its audience dying with laughter. As I am sure many of you will agree, Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) was one of the most memorable characters from that film.

Four years later this was followed up with a very mediocre sequel titled Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. This film did not compare to the first one, but it still had its moments of hilariousness, and as usual, NPH made everything twice as funny.

Now with the release of the Christmas special, I am very torn. I can’t say that it is a bad film because I still laughed throughout the whole movie, but I feel like they did not put as much effort in as they did with the previous films. In this movie Harold has given up marijuana, he is a wealthy stockbroker and he finally has the girl of his dreams. He has not seen Kumar for years, but unfortunately for him, things soon change. Kumar jumps back into Harold’s life and accidentally sets fire to his father-in-law’s prize Christmas tree. They end up reunited on a quest to find a replacement tree, and in doing so, realize the problems they both have with their current lives.

Like all of the other films, this film is not short on the witty humor, but often it feels out of place and a bit lousy. They seem to find the fact that the film is in 3D to be a big enough joke on its own, and make remarks referring to it constantly throughout the film. Personally, I find 3D to be obnoxious and pointless for most films, especially a comedy like this, and I know they only did it to give people an excuse to see the film. This abuse of 3D only makes me less approving of the film, but I realize that it was important to make it a successful holiday release.

The story starts out good, but soon crashes and follows no particularly interesting sequence of events. NPH does make his return, and as usual, he is absolutely hilarious. But this is short lived, and the amount of funny quickly drops back down again. The movie ends with another useless life lesson that does not really instill any sense of realization, but instead leaves the audience waiting for the credits to roll so they can be done with the whole thing..

Although this film was definitely not the best in the series, it was still entertaining. I enjoyed it more than most holiday releases. What are your thoughts on the movie? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Let me know in a comment!

When The Nuclear Bombs Fall, I’m Set

Because I’m collecting bottle caps!

If you have never played the Fallout games, I probably sound like a lunatic. But if you have, you’d know that it is a game that takes place in America after a huge nuclear war between the USA and China, and that they use “Nuka-Cola” bottle caps as currency. Unfortunately Nuka-Cola doesn’t exist, so I have to settle for Coca-Cola bottle caps.

I have always wanted to collect something, but I am terribly lazy and I never stuck to collecting anything. That is until I started collecting bottle caps, I don’t have to go far out of my way at all to get them, and I find it fun to do so. As of now I have 141 caps. So I have a long way to go, because in Fallout you can’t buy shit for 141 caps! I only started collecting them about 3 months ago, and I will continue collecting for a long while. I will post an update on my cap collection when it grows a considerable amount.

If you have anything to say about my collection of caps, Fallout, or a collection of your own, leave a comment!

The Decline of the Modern Warfare Series!

Call of Duty is one of those games that almost anyone with an Xbox or Playstation has. I got into Call of Duty when I went down to Game Stop and purchased a copy of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 1 nearly four years ago. This sparked a monster and I just could not put the game down. I went straight from Modern Warfare 1 to Modern Warfare 2. This game exploded on the market in 2010 and has completely changed the competitive and professional gaming community. Although this game was extremely fun and entertaining for a short while, it quickly got repetitive and boring. It was almost as if you felt like you had to play to keep up with the rest of the gaming world, but it just wasn’t fun anymore. Now with the release of Modern Warfare 3, everything has crashed and burned. The game is literally just a map pack for Modern Warfare 2. The graphics are identical, many of the weapons are the same and the game feels no different than its predecessor.

As I am sure many of you know, Infinity Ward is responsible for producing Modern Warfare games in the Call of Duty Series, while Treyarch is responsible for making all of the other games. Both of these are game developers that work for the publishing company Activision. Although both developers have positive and negative sides to their games, Infinity Ward has arguably the most popular games. Despite the popularity of their games, the production and maintenance quality of Infinity Ward’s products are very low. Although Modern Warfare 1 was backed up with good map packs and game support, they slacked off on Modern Warfare 2. I mean like they literally produced the game and than left it in the dust to fend for itself.

The game collapsed and turned into a hacker friendly, booster infested modded lobby disaster. Infinity ward abandoned the game and immediately starting working on their next release. Why did they do this? To make more money!

It is way more beneficial for them to release a new game and sell another couple million copies than it is to keep up maintenance on the online servers of an older game. For this reason, I believe that the quality of Modern Warfare 3 will quickly decline as Infinity Ward scrambles to make more money on their next release.

I personally prefer Modern Warfare games to other games in the Call of Duty series, but I still am well aware of the flaws in the games. I think that the reason I am more attracted to these games is because Modern Warfare 1 was the first Call of Duty I played and Modern Warfare 2 was the first “first person shooter” I became obsessed with. I did enjoy Black Ops, but it did not entertain me for long and soon found myself playing the game less and less.

When Modern Warfare 3 was released I held off from buying it because I was skeptical of the quality of the game and I did not want to waste my money. In the end I surrendered and bought a copy of the game. I enjoyed it a lot at first, but I got tired of it very quickly. I think I can credit this to my long gaming history on Modern Warfare 2, and because these games are so similar it almost feels as if I am playing the same game.

For me the game is still fun, and as of right now the servers are running smoothly and the lobbies are hack free and booster free thanks to the removal of the game-ending tactical nuke. Although I enjoy it, I don’t play it very often and when I do it is not for very long periods of time. It is hard to say what I will do when the next Call of Duty is released, but I doubt I will buy it right away.

This is just my opinion though. What do you think about the Modern Warfare series and Modern Warfare 3 in particular? Will you buy the next game when it comes out?

My New Laptop Is On Its Way!

My first personal laptop I ever got was a black Macbook, a couple years later I upgraded to a Macbook Pro. My birthday is coming up in march, and with nothing else I could think of that I wanted, I convinced my dad to get me a PC laptop. An Alienware x17 to be precise. I made this decision for a couple of reasons: 1. after seeing all the mods you could put on some of my favorite games on PC’s I’ve wanted to venture into the world of PC gaming. 2. The program I have for recording with my HD PVR doesn’t work on Macs, so I’ve been having to borrow my dads laptop every time I want to film something. 3. I don’t want to have to worry about wether something will work on my Mac or not anymore.

The estimated arrival is March 3rd, Saturday. So I was extremely confused when a big package from dell came today, but it turns out they just ship the carrying case separately from the computer.

It looks pretty sweet huh? Needless to say I am extremely excited about my new laptop and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

So I’m going to be new to the world of PC gaming, if any of you PC veterans, or Alienware owners are out there I’d love to hear from you!

My Russian Alter Ego

As my about me page will testify, I was born and raised in Santa Barbara California. So why does my Xbox live avatar look like a Russian war veteran? and why does my info say I live in moscow Russia? And most importantly why is my avatar saying Russian profanity?

My about me page will also tell you that I enjoy acting, and actors must have an array of accents in their arsenal. So to perfect my accents I practice them over Xbox live, just to make it a little more fun. One day while I was playing Nazi Zombies (and practicing my Russian accent), I found myself in a group with a kid who believed I actually was Russian. Normally when people believed I was of another country it would end there, but this kid invited me to a party with some of his friends. I expected to enter a lobby full of “squeakers” marveling over my Russianness, instead I entered a lobby full of chill mature gamers. They all quickly accepted me and had no doubts about my Russian claims.

There have been some close calls though, since they think I’m so awesome, they are always inviting me to parties. And if I’m already in a party, they will join the one I’m in, so I will quickly have to switch to a Russian accent and hope the other people in the party won’t say anything. Another problem is I have to pretend I know how to speak Russian every time they ask me how to say this or that in Russian. I got by by saying things that sounded Russian, but I needed a better solution. When I saw the book Dirty Russian I knew I found gold.

Now, every time they ask me to say something in russian I randomly flip through the book and say a couple phrases. Not only does the book tell me how to speak Russian, it also tells me what it’s like in Russia. So when they ask me about Russia I can actually tell them some truth.

I will undoubtably post more about my Russian alter ego (who unfortunately needs to be named Ryan due to my gamertag) in the future. If anything major happens concerning him and his friends I will post an update as soon as possible.

What do you think of my Russian alter ego? have you ever fooled anyone on Xbox Live in any way? Let me know!